El parque tecnologico de Malaga se expande a Marbella

At first glance they just look like the plans for another typical Costa del Sol apartment block. However a closer look at the details reveal that there is nothing traditional about it. The building is to be called Arco Iris (Rainbow) and it will become the first real estate project in Spain that is aimed at LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) clients, with an added condition: residents must be over 55 as the development will also take on the role of a care centre.

The building will be located in the very heart of Torremolinos, a town that in recent years has become a favourite holdiay resort for homosexuals. This has given rise to the opening of numerous gay-orientated businesses from clothes shops to bars and restaurants, although nearly always geared towards a younger clientele.

“This project could be a huge financial boost to the western Costa del Sol. Marbella offers the right conditions to attract new investment and we know that there is a demand from technological firms that want to set up there”, pointed out Soler, who offered little morein the way of detail or timescales, adding only that the financial cost of the project had not been evaluated but that this could run into “tens of millions of euros”.

The idea would be to reach a public-private agreement with the participation of Marbella Town Hall and the landowners along with the regional authoriity for the development of the project

The Marbella branch of the PTA would be managed following the same model as that used in Malaga, where the Junta, the City Hall, Unicaja and very shortly the University of Malaga are the shareholders.

The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, held a meeting with the current director of the PTA, Felipe Romera, before the summer, when the possiblity of the expansion was discussed.

Source: surinenglish.com


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