Some of the services we offer include;

Professional Photography

For all our listings we take professional photographs, using industry equipment, so that we can make sure a high quality photo-presentation is achieved. Our philosophy is that buyers will not go to the trouble of viewing a property if the presentation / photography (online, in magazines, adverts etc) is not professional. Our job is to get the right customer to the right property and we believe a strong, presentable presentation of the property is vital to obtain this goal.


We can make high quality HD videotours for your property. This will give clients a very good idea of the distribution of your house before visiting and will improve results. The videos will be uploaded on our sites and on Youtube and other video websites as well.

Our main website is very well visited by targeted web traffic. Buyers find us via keywords in search engines as well as by the web advertising campaigns we run. Our main website is translated in 5 languages; English, Spanish, Dutch, German and Russian and our multi lingual staff speak these languages and can also assist French speaking clients.

Other websites

We own a large range of area specialized domains where we offer our specific, local area properties. For every area we are active in we own a separate domain (for example and more) where we offer only the properties for sale in that specific area. These domains allow us to offer clients whom are looking in a specifically area relevant information and properties in a very user friendly way. We also own the domain which is optimized for the very popular, demanding Russian market.

Property Portals

Our properties are available on a wide range of national and international property portals. Amongst these portals the best known are: (Spanish orientated), (Spanish orientated), (internationally orientated), (internationally orientated), (internationally orientated), (internationally orientated), (Spanish orientated), (Spanish orientated), orientated), (internationally orientated), (Russian orientated).

Customized for sale signs 

As well as the traditional 90x60 cm for sale signs we can also offer personalised for sale signs. These signs contain a beautiful photo presentation for your property in any size required. These have proven especially successful in the marketing of villas and for houses that cannot be seen from the street. All signs are designed in coordination with the vendor.

Network of collaborating agents

We have a strong network / group of selected partner real estate agents, both nationally and internationally, who receive an exceptionally higher commission split then other agents will offer them. This helps to motivate these strong property agents to work closely with us to achieve our goal of a sale.

Social Media

With an every growing increase in popularity, which only promises to get stronger in the future, Home Exposure Marbella can be found on various Social Media Platforms. We are building up a group of followers interested in our news feeds and at the moment we have a presence on TwitterFacebookand LinkedIn advertising the new properties we have for sale and rent. 


We use traditional print work to market our properties. Although internet has rapidly steamed past traditional media, and is our priority in terms of marketing, we still place great value and importance in the use traditional media.

Traditional advertising

We can offer traditional advertising for our clients should they require it. This form of advertising is not something we use to promote our own company as the investment is large and the return is low in comparison to internet.

Email marketing

We use newsletters and email marketing campaigns to market our properties on a large scale.

This list is changeable due to marketing trends. It is not a complete list of the services we offer and is meant as a summary of our services.

At Home Exposure Marbella we work on a NO CURE, NO PAY base, which means that only when we sell your property you will have to pay us a commission. Our marketing tools are completely free, except for traditional advertising fees.

If you wish to sell your Marbella property please contact us here.


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