Searching agents

The first step is off course looking for an estate agent you feel comfortable to sell your property with. In Spain you can have several agents and in this market it is not a bad idea to have three or four agents working for you. All agents might work in a different segment/market nationally or internationally which will improve your chances of selling significantly.

Choosing an agent

We always advice our vendors not to take on too many agents as it can get confusing, plus the relationship between an agent and seller should be one of trust. When choosing your agents look for things like internet presence, local knowledge, international and national network, attitude, presentation of your property, sales staff etc. It is a good idea to have agents with different characteristics working for you, for example one might have a very good local presence and the other  a very strong international network.

At Home Exposure Marbella we excel in internet presence, presentation and local knowledge (in Marbella East). We also have a strong national and international network but for instance we do not work with a traditional office. The right mix with our company might for instance be to also have an agent with a local office working with you alongside ourselves.

Setting the price

Your Real Estate agent should explain to you what they think the right selling price should be. He should clearify this by the comparison method, giving examples of properties sold recently and properties on the market (this tells you less but in the end this is your competition).

You might get different prices from different agents but do not let yourself be caught by some agents giving overly inflated estimates just to get your property for sale (this tactic is used by some agents - even big offices). They use this tactic to get your house signed exclusively for sale and after a couple of months they then look to you to lower the price anyway. You are likely to end up with your house being overpriced and potentially with a very long selling period.

Listen to what your agents say and give them a price that you think will be reasonable after listening to the advice and information they have given you.


The ideal scenario is if your agents have easy access to your property when you are away. In the current market there are a lot of houses for sale and if the buyers cannot view your property thye will go and view another one, it is a buyers market we are in.

Expectations & Fees

Communicate clearly about your expectations (financially and with regards to the communication). A good agent will not ask what price you are aiming for to later use this against you, he will try and get the maximum possible return out of the deal.

Sometimes this might not be what you expected but as said before the market dictates the price at the moment, not you or the agent.

The fees have been stated above and in our case agency fees are only payable on a successful sale when the full purchase price is paid to you at point of sale at the notary.

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